Exploring new levels of Climate Finance opportunities Climate Change Crowdfunding Platform


Together with the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (OGUT) Energy Changes is building up a crowdfunding platform for financing climate change mitigation projects with a geographical focus on Least Developed Countries (LDCs). The pioneer project will define the legal and organizational structure of the platform and create a pipeline of projects to be financed by the platform. The project is supported by the Austrian Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture, Forestry, and Water...

NAMAs as new climate finance mechanism Energy Changes is increasing its NAMA portfolio


Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions or NAMAs are becoming increasingly important as a means to finance carbon mitigation activities in developing countries. Energy Changes has been an active player in this innovative field since the very beginning, and has become a leading consultant for NAMA development. Currently we are developing NAMAs for the governments of Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Laos, Morocco, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Vanuatu and Zambia. Thematically the...

NAMA study for the Renewable Energy Sector of Vanuatu Energy Changes was contracted by UNDP to develop a NAMA study for rural renewable electrification in Vanuatu


Access to electricity in Vanuatu is amongst the lowest in the world, nearly all electricity produced is based on diesel. The design of a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) is aimed at setting a framework for both enhancing the access to energy in the rural areas as well as raising the share of renewable energy generation in the electricity sector. Energy Changes is developing the rural electrification NAMA together with key stakeholders, above all the government of Vanuatu. Main...

Energy Changes’ work for global sustainable Cities in an international consortium


Energy Changes , as a member of an international consortium lead by SWECO, supports the Swedish Energy Agency in the Global Sustainable Cities Network (GSCN) within the Clean Energy Ministerial Initiative. The GSCN aims to provide an open platform for groundbreaking sustainable city initiatives throughout the world to share knowledge. The concrete program and policy plans that come out of this network will enable the participating cities to leverage their unique experiences and strengths in...

Due Diligence for Improved Cook Stove PoAs Energy Changes is carrying out due diligence services


Energy Changes, as a member of an international consortium lead by Cornland International AB, is carrying out due diligence services for the Swedisch Energy Agency (SEA)for a number of improved cook stove Programme of Activities (PoA) in Africa. In most of Africa, traditional cooking methods are very inefficient, leading to a high consumption of non-renewable biomass, having negative impacts on the environment, climate change, as well as health and household budget of users. Energy Changes...

Standardized Baseline for Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings Energy Changes is developing a new apporach for GHG mitigation in Dubai


Energy Changes is working on a new approach to calculate green house gas reductions in the building sector. Energy efficiency measures offer a great carbon mitigation potential. Standardized baselines facilitate project implementation and financing in diverse sectors with a large variety of measures. The Middle East shows an immense energy reduction potential in the building sector. With this innovative approach, Energy Changes will support Dubai in reducing a great share if its GHG emissions.

Climate Mitigation in the Middle East 5 new carbon projects registered in U.A.E.


Energy Changes has been supporting the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in developing and registering 5 climate projetcs with the UNFCCC. In only 1.5 years, the number of carbon projects in the United Arab Emirates has doubled and now stands at 10 projects, applying various technologies (such as renewable energies - PV, energy efficiency - CFLs).

Energy Changes starts research on smart energy neighbourhoods Call Smart Vienna 2012


Energy Changes is proud to announce that it has been selected for support within the Call Smart Vienna 2012 of the Research Programme financed by the City of Vienna. In the coming year, Energy Changes will – in cooperation with TEMAPLAN GmbH work on the project “Energiemodell Grätzl+ Das Energie4tel” (Energy model for a Neighbourhood). The main objective of this project is to develop an energy model which facilitates the planning of new “smart” city districts with regards to a sustainable and...

Energy Changes working on a feasibility study in Guyana the improvement of community level energy access for rural areas


Energy Changes  was awarded a contract by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for a feasibility study about the improvement of community level energy access for rural areas in British Guyana. The consortium led by ConPlusUltra GmbH will conduct its first site visit in British Guyana this Autumn.