CDM - Energy Optimization in Desalination Plant in Dubal, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CDM - Energy Optimization in Desalination Plant in Dubal, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CDM - Energy Optimization in Desalination Plant in Dubal, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd (Dubal) & Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE)
Project type: 
CDM small scale
United Arab Emirates
AMS II.C - Demand-side energy efficiency activities for specific technologies
  • Evaluating the feasibility of the small-scale CDM project 
  • Elaboration of Project Design Document (PDD), including the Monitoring Plan
  • Calculation of the Dubal captive power plants emission factor
  • Calculation of the DEWA grid emission factor
  • Calculation of the project potential emissions reductions

The owner is the Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd (Dubal). It commenced operation in 1979. Currently the plant has capacity of more than 950,000 MT of aluminium per year. The plant is located in Dubai, part Jebel Ali, in the United Arab Emirates.The desalination plant (DESAL) is part of DUBAL´s industrial aluminium production plant. The desalination plant prepares water for the technological processes within the plant as well as for external customers (residential and industrial) in Dubai.The energy requirement of the process is covered by internal natural gas-based power generators and by minor imports from the Dubai Emirate grid operated by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).The purpose of the project is reduction of the electricity consumption through implementation of energy efficiency measures – by upgrading the existing pumps old sea water pumps (SWPs) and brine recirculation pumps (BRPs), which are energy demanding. The upgrade will consist of replacing the pump heads by more hydrodynamic heads constructed from high quality material. Pump ends replacement will increase the equipment efficiency and will therefore reduce the associated fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.There are 6 sea water pumps (SWPs) and 12 brine recirculation (BRPs) in the Dubal desalination plant. Current power consumption of the SWPs is 1.191 PW and consumption of the BRPs is 1.363 MW. The pumps in the desalination plant consume ca 140,700 MWh/year.Power consumption after upgrade: 0.981 MW per SWP and 1.137 MW per BRP. The replacement will result in energy efficiency improvement and thus in electricity savings of 23.806 GWh per year after full implementation of the project activity and 22.638 GWh per year after the fifth year of implementation; 195.258 GWh over the whole 10 years crediting period.Emission reductions due to energy efficiency improvement have been calculated based on the difference in the power consumption of the pumps after the upgrade and by using the emission factor of Dubal (own captive power plants and minor imports from the grid).The project has been elaborated as a small-scale CDM project, with crediting period of 10 years. The project will in total contribute to ca 91,145 tonnes of CO2 emission reductions during the crediting period and it is expected to generate respective amount of the emission reduction certificates - Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).