Policy Advice

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Policy Advice


We advise decision makers on topics related to international energy and climate politics, regulations and markets. Together with our partners, we design and analyse strategies, institutional and legal frameworks and incentive schemes which foster renewable energies and energy efficiency, and assess their socio-economic impacts. We carry out detailed studies on electricity grids, grid emission factors, tariff systems etc.

JI - Dorobantu Wind Power Park, Romania

since 2010
JI - Dorobantu Wind Power Park, Romania
JI - Dorobantu Wind Power Park, Romania
OMV Petrom
Project type: 

JI project development, including:

  • PIN, Letter of Endorsement
  • PDD drafting
  • Support of Determination
  • Letter of Approval
  • Development of the Monitoringplan
  • Drafting of the  Monitoring report
  • Support of Verification

The wind farm Dorobantu is situated west of Constanta, Romania. After completion it will have an installed capacity of 54MW and it is expected to generate annual emission reductions of 130,000 tons of CO2.


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