Carbon Asset Development

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Carbon Asset Development

Energy Changes guides its partners’ carbon mitigation projects through all steps needed to reach either final issuance of certificates with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under the Kyoto Protocol or broader acceptance as a source of high quality offsets in voluntary markets (e.g. Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard (GS), Climate Action Reserve (CAR)).

CDM - Sao Hill Energy CHP 15MW, Tanzania

since 2009
CDM - Sao Hill Energy CHP 15MW, Tanzania
CDM - Sao Hill Energy CHP 15MW, Tanzania
CDM - Sao Hill Energy CHP 15MW, Tanzania
Green Resources ASA, Norway
Project type: 
CDM small scale

CDM project management, inkluding:

  • Project evaluation
  • PDD development
  • Support of Validation
  • Preparation of Monitoring

A 15MWel biomass CHP is being constructed on the grounds of the sawmill of Sao Hill Industries Ltd. in the Iringa region in Tanzania. The fuel for this CHP will be wood waste from the own production as well as waste from small sawmills in the region. The heat produced will be used for the drying of wood products, the electricity will cover the own demand and the surplus (approx. 10MW) will be fed into the Tanzanian electricity grid.

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