Carbon Asset Development

Energy Changes guides its partners’ carbon mitigation projects through all steps needed to reach either final issuance of certificates with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) under the Kyoto Protocol or broader acceptance as a source of high quality offsets in voluntary markets (e.g. Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard (GS), Climate Action Reserve (CAR)).

We offer third party opinions on the technical and financial feasibility of carbon projects, assess the performance of existing projects and provide solutions to optimize the performance of their emission reduction efforts.

Carbon Project Identification and Design

We identify and assess new carbon project ideas, evaluate the emission reduction potential and additionality, and develop baseline and monitoring methodologies. We structure these concepts to qualify as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)/ Joint Implementation (JI) or voluntary carbon mitigation projects and we prepare the necessary project documentation for national and international authorities, in line with the selected scheme.

Validation, Registration, Monitoring and Verification

In line with the set procedures, we support our partners during the validation process of the project, in obtaining the approval of national authorities and in registering the project with the CDM Executive Board or the respective voluntary standards. We assist our partners in implementing monitoring plans to calculate their emission reductions; we support the verification of these reductions and facilitate the final issuance of certificates.

A 15MWel biomass CHP is being constructed on the grounds of the sawmill of Sao Hill Industries Ltd. in the Iringa region in Tanzania. The fuel for this CHP will be wood waste from...